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Girls Cross Country Coaching Staff

Head Boys Cross Country    Aimee Walthall Michael

“I strongly believe a cross country runner has more tenacity than the average athlete because of the nature of the competition.  It is a sport where you really need to stick with your training, sustain a goal setting mindset, and push yourself beyond what you previously believed you could do to be a competitor in the race.  Success happens when you do all of those things and you follow through with what you commit to do without making excuses.

I’m often asked why I run or why anyone would want to run.  It is simple.  You find out that you are truly capable of success and improvement when you sacrifice time, put forth 100% effort, and develop a true passion for something greater than yourself.  This idea transcends competing in a race.

My coaching philosophy fosters teamwork, responsibility, commitment, and hard work. Sports teams are for the purpose of developing a personal skill, a sense of school pride, a sense of self pride, an understanding of commitment, and willingness to perform for the greater good of a school community.  I am proud to serve the Meadowcreek Community as a track and cross country coach.”


Assistant Coach Jordan Bryan

Hello everyone! I am Coach Bryan, and I am excited to be the assistant Cross Country Coach at Meadowcreek High School! This will be my 4th year teaching and my blood already bleeds Mustang Blue. I enjoy running, working summer camp, playing trumpet, and teaching. As the new school year approaches, I have learned many things to apply in teaching and life outside of school. In the same light, my personal goal for all Cross County Athletes is to fuel the fire for their passions and support them in growth. Growth means personal records. Growth means academic success. Growth means being pushed and equipped with the tools to run through hardships. All of these aspects have me excited about next season and to be a Meadowcreek Mustang!

Please do not hesitate to contact me at Thank you and I look forward to a fantastic Cross County season.



Elizabeth Chirico