Mustangs News · Welcome Coach Rex Robertson, The New Offensive Coordinator at Meadowcreek

From Gwinnett Daily Post

Rex Robertson is the new offensive coordinator at Meadowcreek, where he will work under new new head coach Jason Carrera, one of his childhood friends. The two previously coached together at Henry County.

In this installment of “Getting to Know…,” sports intern Kaitlin Long talks with Robertson about his friendship with the Meadowcreek head coach and his relationship with the rest of the new coaching staff, his coaching journey and his passion and commitment to building a strong foundation and culture within the Meadowcreek football program.

KL: How did you end up at West Georgia?

RR: I went there originally to play football a long time ago, and then I ended up graduating from Clayton State.

KL: What made you go to Clayton State?

RR: I just finished up my degree there, and it was close to home.

KL: What are you looking forward to most with coaching alongside your best friend Jason Carrera, who is the new head football coach for Meadowcreek?

RR: It’s a lifelong dream for us to be able to coach together. We briefly coached together at Henry County High 10 years ago, but for him to be the head coach and recruit me up here is a very exciting journey that we’re going to be on here. I’m excited about it.

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