Mustangs News · Meadowcreek Cross Country Competes at Kosh Klassic, Saturday, August 22nd

Date:       Saturday, August 22, 2015


Time:      Varsity Boys (10 runners per team) 8:00 AM

Varsity Girls (10 runners per team) 8:40 AM

JV Boys 9:25 AM

JV Girls 10:10 AM

Awards 11:00 AM (or immediately following the final race)


Place:      The Westminster Schools

1424 West Paces Ferry Road

Atlanta, GA 30327


Course:   5000m; trail and grass

Results will be posted on the meet main page on:

Kosh Course Map

The course is composed almost exclusively of grass and trail.  There are numerous turns, both significant and subtle, and the vast majority of the course is flat to undulating.  There is an 800m section of challenging hills that begins late in the first mile and concludes midway through the second mile.

The start line is located in the discus field.  A painted white line marks the start and boxes are located along the start line.

At the gun, athletes will run straight, making a tight pass between the baseball and football fields, and enter the woods at the far left opening and continue onto the trail.  Athletes will stay on the trail and run the perimeter of the baseball field.

Athletes will turn left, off of the trail, and pass by the backstop on the practice infield.  They will continue to run between the fence line and the parallel white line through the discus field.

After passing along the starting line and through the discus field, athletes will climb up the hill toward the concession stand.  At the crest of the hill, athletes will make a sharp 180 degree left turn and run down the hill and into the discus field.  They will be racing in a lane marked by solid white lines, and at the bottom of the hill, they will make a sweeping right turn that will lead them between the baseball and football fields.

At this point, athletes will head for the woods and enter the same far left opening, continuing onto the trail but this time taking a right that will take them behind the visitors’ stands. Keep in mind that the athletes are still entering the left opening despite taking a right. After passing the visitors’ stands, a lane marked by white lines will direct the athletes on a slight right turn toward the home stands along the outside of the track fence.  They will complete a 180 degree left turn that will direct them back to the woods where they will make a right turn, leading them under the bridge.  Much of the first 1200m are visible to coaches and spectators, and save the one hill, they are entirely flat.

Once athletes have passed under the bridge, they will turn right and begin a challenging series of 4 hills, spanning just under 800m.  Just before reaching the physical plant, after tackling the first hill, they will run downhill and cross over the physical plant driveway (covered by rubber mats to allow athletes to wear spikes).  Just after crossing the driveway and returning to the trail, athletes will pass the 1-mile mark.  Racers will continue up hill 2 to the highest point on the course before heading downhill to a bridge crossing.  Athletes will again race up a challenging hill (#3) and continue back down to another bridge crossing.  Finally, the runners will challenge the fourth and final hill in this up and down section of the course, taking them past Faculty Housing, and they will rapidly head downhill toward the back gate.  This section of hills spans roughly 800m, and once it is complete, the course is almost wholly flat.

As athletes pass in front of the back gate (the gate will be closed and mats will cover the road so that athletes can wear spikes), they will be roughly halfway through the 5000m course.

After crossing the road, the racers will immediately pick-up the trail and head along the creek bed until they make a right turn onto the practice fields.  A lane marked with white lines will guide them parallel to the Tull Hall retention pond and have them make a 180 degree left-hand turn returning them to the practice fields.  At this point, they will pass the 2-mile mark.

After completing the first two miles, athletes will race along the back practice fields, parallel to the tennis courts, and make a slight right preceding a sharp left that will take them parallel to the President’s retention pond and feed them back onto the trail.

Athletes will race along the creek bed on the trail and make a left to stay with the trail when they approach the parking lot at Turner Gymnasium.  The trail will run along the parking lot and feed the athletes back to the practice baseball field (at the backstop) for a fast finishing kilometer.

This final kilometer will bring racers between the starting line and the fence in the discus field, up and over the concession stand hill and down.  As athletes race down the hill, they will now stay between dashed lines that guide them between the 3rd base bullpen and 3rd base dugout, and eventually lead them to re-enter the woods and go right onto the trail.  They will race on the trail for about 200m and make a gentle right turn out of the woods and between the baseball and football fields.  As the runners head back toward the starting line, they will turn left onto the track and into the stadium for their final 120m.

It will be important for coaches and spectators to note that they can view much of the first 1200m and final 1000m of the race by utilizing the baseball bleachers, discus field, and football stands.  If you are active and adventurous, you can make it to view the back gate and the racing on the practice fields if you are quick, but don’t stay too long because runners will quickly return to the internal stadium loop.  Happy viewing and good luck!