Mustangs News · Radloff Night for Parents and Students Wednesday, September 16th at 6:00-8:00pm

Meadowcreek High School Showcase is at Radloff on Wednesday, September 16th!
Various colleges and universities will also be in attendance including GA Tech, our partner university.  Coaches and teachers will meet with students and parents to share Meadowcreek High School and address any concerns. Meadowcreek will be at Radloff  to highlight each of the academies and explain the pathways within each academy. Each school will have activities to highlight their program. Middle school parents and students can visit the School of STEM to see the things Meadowcreek students are doing with robotics and  learn about bio-engineering pathwaysAdditional information will be provided forClubs

Sports o Scholarship information

o Principal’s Elite program


o Student Ambassadors

o Translation Nation

o Advanced Placement