Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · Mustang Mile Run for Elementary and Middle School Runners on Saturday April 30th

The Mustang Mile Run

Team Results
1st Meadowcreek Elementary 11 points
2nd Berkeley Lake Elementary 71 points
3rd Lilburn Elementary 86 points
4th Stripling Elementary 94 points
5th Annistown Elementary 103 points
6th Graves Elementary 121 points

Congratulations to our 11 runners from Lilburn Middle and 4 runners from Radloff Middle who competed in the first-ever Mustang Mile at Meadowcreek High School!

Jose Calderon, Grade 8, was the overall champion with a fantastic time just under 6 minutes!
Deric Morris, Grade 7, wasn’t far behind in 4th overall!

Other Middle School Runners were:Khalil Abbas, Grade 7
Elia Diaz-Enriquez, Gear Up
Meti Haile, Grade 8
Martir Mesia-Robles, Grade 6
Ashley Narciso, Grade 7
Anthony Robles, Grade 8
Andrea Rubio-Bonilla, Grade 6
Britney Truong, Grade 7
Briana Trujillo, Gear Up (our first girl)

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